Saturday, July 15, 2006

Destruction of the Mangrove and Pollution of Lagoon Water in Negombo

By Sven De Silva

Attention !!!! To NARA and Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka

Save Our Wildlife And Nature!
Destruction of the Mangrove and Pollution of the Lagoon Water in Negombo.

I wish to inform that the restrictions of the lagoon area in Kurana is being overruled by some commercial companies (eg- “hotel lagoon view”,…ect) which no one
is taking action against.

The following facts have been clearly visible by the victims,
1. Environmental /wildlife pollution-destruction.
2. Water pollution.
3. Sound (noise) pollution.
4. Destruction of the natural mangrove.
5. Overruled human rights.

1. Environmental conservation.
The building construction limit of the Negombo lagoon area has been illegally extended by the construction of certain buildings and houses. Some platforms have been constructed by destroying the mangrove. These platforms have been directly constructed in the water area of the lagoon. Main purpose of these platforms are to held parties and weddings, resulting the waste to flow freely into the lagoon for disposal.

2. Water pollution.
It is clearly visible that the drain of the waist water containing soap is directly connected to the lagoon where normally the birds and crabs reside. Many broken liquor bottles and washed waste water are dumped into the lagoon.

3. Sound pollution.
As a result of the ceremonial and other party occasions the surrounding environment is highly polluted by sound. also the use of ceremonial fire crackers the existence of the wild animals are force to leave their natural habitats and are now hiding in surrounding homes and gardens. Also they are having regular music as to keep the hotel guests entertained, which is so loud the nearby resident cant even listen to the TV or to have a conversation is even impossible.

4. Destruction of the natural mangrove.
The mangrove was cut and cleared gradually without making a sharp distinction to the authorities. And filled with soil over the natural mud and water to gain land for the construction of the buildings.

5. Overruled human rights.
Save the natural habitat for their and our existence and for a bright future. If needed some pictures are available which I can mail.  Please forward this email to every possible authority in sri lanka and abroad.

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